Side effects of anal sex : 9 disadvantages of anal sex and masturbation you should know

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If you are reading this article it means that you have decided to add anal sex for the first time or you may add the anal sex as your regular sexual activity.

Most of the user prefer different types of sex toys like dildo, anal toys etc. for anal sex or anal masturbation. But do you know about the side effects of anal sex or anal sex dildo online

If you are an anal sex lover then you ought to read this article till the end to know the back sex side effects. Here, we are discussing some of the most common risks of anal sex. So, let’s start.

Is anal sex dangerous?

Is anal sex dangerous

Nothing is 100% safe or 100% dangerous. If you are thinking that anal sex is 100% dangerous then you are wrong. Yes! Anal sex indeed has a high risk of health risk but it is not totally dangerous. There are also a many health benefits of anal sex.

Most of the sexual activity carries many side effects or disadvantages but anal intercourse carried a high risk of STIs, bacterial infection and many more. Along with these, anal sex also has the various number of health risk such as anus can tears, germs in the anus etc.

But, if you want then you can decrease the risk of anal sex by using the condoms and good quality sex lubricant.

Why it is extremely dangerous?

Why it is extremely dangerous

The fact is anal sex is illegal in Indian but after LGBT declared legal, anal sex also become legal. A growing population of India trying to satisfy them self from the backdoor way.

It is a little difficult for most of the Indian to try new thing when they know that anal sex is not only unnatural but it also caries multiple risks with it.

Sometimes side effects of anal sex may cause serious health issues and become dangerous. Here, we will talk about some of the side effects of anal sex.

What are the side effects of the anal sex or disadvantages of anal sex?

Like the vagina sex, anal sex also provides pleasant pleasure if you do the anal sex in a proper manner with anal sex toys.

Now a day, there are many types of anal toys are available which you can use to stimulate your anal. Some of the most popular anal toys are

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But penetrating the anal has many side effects. If you and your partner love to involve in the anal sex then you must know about the side effects of anal sex or back sex side effects.

There are many disadvantages of having anal sex but here, I am going to discuss some of the most common risks of anal sex or you can say that the side effect of anal sex.

Increase the risk of bacterial infection

Increase the risk of bacterial infection

Side effects of anal sex include the risk of bacterial infections. As vagina, anal does not have natural lubricant and the rectum’s line is also very thin.

During the anal sex when you used lots of sex lubricant to reduce the friction then it increases the risk of tears in the anus and rectum.

Sometimes these tears are very small but it still exposes the skin and the bacteria pass through the rectum and anus. The bacteria can potentially invade the skin through these tears.

So, while having the anal sex select the best anal lube. You can also purchase the anal lube online.

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Anal tearing is always a risk

Anal sex side effects include anal tearing. Because unlike the vagina, anal does not naturally lube and it does not mean for the intercourse.

Anal is not elastic like a vagina to insert the penis or Indian dildo. Also, it is meant for one way passage and not the other way around. So, whenever you include in the anal sex or anal masturbation, your rectum tissue in the anal passage which may cause the anal tears also.

So, to decrease the risk of anal tearing you should prefer some anal sex technique. These anal sex technique helps you to reach the anal orgasm.

Increase the risk of STIs

Increase the risk of STIs

A side effect of anal sex includes the increased risk of STIs. Now, you know that anal sex can lead to bacterial infection in the same way it can also increase the risk of sexually transmitted infections.

During the anal sex, there are more chances of tearing the skin as compared to the vagina sex and because of this, there is a great opportunity to spread STIs.

The STIs which occurs due to the anal sex are Chlamydia, gonorrhoea, hepatitis, HIV, herpes etc.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Anal sex is the highest-risk sexual behaviour for HIV transmission in comparison with other forms of sex, such as vaginal or oral sex.

If you love to involve in the anal sex and want to reduce the risk of STIs then its important for you to use the condom and good quality sex lubricant during the anal sex.

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Worsen haemorrhoids

Anal sex disadvantages include worsen haemorrhoids. Haemorrhoids is the area from where the blood vessels outside and inside of the rectum. Sometimes it causes the itching, slight bleeding and pain.

Anal sex can irritate existing haemorrhoids because haemorrhoids can be unpleasant and painful for some woman.

There is no permanent solution of this anal sex disadvantage but while using the sufficient lube you can minimize the irritation.

Colon perforation

Colon perforationThe disadvantage of anal sex may also include anal perforation.

This is not so common. In the rare condition it occurs and only some of the user have to face this problem.

But, it is possible that anal penetration can puncture a hole in your colon if you regularly involve in the anal sex or anal masturbation.

So, if you experience the heavy bleeding and abdominal pain during or after the anal sex then it is better to consult the doctor.

Anal sex may cause anal cancer

Side effects of anal sex may also cause anal cancer. As you know that anal contains many thin membranes and it is cleared by the American cancer society.

Most of the anal cancers appear to be results of HPV. HPV stands for Human papillomavirus. There are about 100 types of HPV that affect different parts of the body including the genital area.

When the HPV virus contracted anally then it can lead to anal warts, which is not cancer but it causes a serious health issue and may cause anal cancer.

Faecal incontinence

Faecal incontinence

One of the back sex side effects is that it causes the faecal incontinence in a woman. It is cleared by some study conducted by Northwestern University that the woman who regularly involves in the anal sex were more likely to have changed the consistency of their stools.

In woman, anal sex can cause faecal as well as urinary incontinence.

Pain and bleeding

Anal sex is not natural and like the vagina, it does not produce its own lubricant. So, whenever you involve in the anal sex for the first time, you feel lots of pain and there is a chance that you may even bleed.

You may get a pregnant

Most of the Indian woman thinks that they cannot get pregnant while having the anal sex but it is not entirely true. There is a chance that you can get pregnant because semen can enter the vagina after anal sex.

So, if you want to reduce the risk of pregnancy then you should use the condom. If you or your partner want to change from anal to vagina then it is necessary to change the condom.