Sofa sex: Try different sex position during sofa sex to make it hotter

04/02/2021Sex Positions with dildo

Sometimes taking a break from your bedroom and bed and doing it on the sofa can work great for your sexual life.

Most couples have sex in their bedroom. Sometimes they also prefer some other places like the floor, kitchen, bathroom, etc. to make their sex more excited. The bedroom is the most comfortable place where you want physical satisfaction.

But did you ever think about some other place like a sofa? Yes! You can try sofa sex with different sex positions for complete enjoyment.

Some of the best sex position on the sofa which provides best sexual experience

Sofa sex

Sofa sex always provides you the best stimulation when you try different sex positions on it. If you have a sofa at your home then you should try it ones in your life for better enjoyment and pleasure and also make some spice in your boring sexual life.

Generally, sofa sex is completely safe and refer to having sex on the sofa. The process of sofa sex is not so much different from bed sex, so you can easily enjoy your sexual life with your partner.

Sofa sex is always pleasurable for any person because sofa sex is a place where anyone can enjoy their sexual life and change their mood. Sex on a sofa with different sex positions provides a pleasurable feeling.

Now, let talk about the sex positions which you can easily perform on the sofa.

Sofa Crunch

Couch crunch

Couch crunch sofa position is one of the best sex positions for women and men because in this sex position both can enjoy a lot and experience a unique pleasure.

In this sofa sex position, female partner knee down on the couch whereas male partner stand on the ground from behind and hold her female partner on his arms. In this sex position, the couple can find some difficulty to hit the right spot.

So, to overcome this problem, a male partner prefers hollow strap on dildo. With the help of a hollow strap on dildo, the male partner can try to hit the right spot.

Over The Line

over the line

This is also one of the best sex positions for sofa sex.

Over the line, the sex position is generally used by the experienced people because in this best sex positions both the partner get best stimulation, as well as a male partner, can easily hit the right spot and female partner take complete penis inside her pussy.

Female partners lie on the armrest of the sofa, lifting both her legs in the air.

Of course, your male partner enters his penis from behind, gripping her hips, which is completely enjoyable for both the partner.

Backseat Driver

backseat driver

Backseat Driver is one of the best and easiest sex positions for any couple. The beginner couple can also try this sex position.

Most of the couple says that backseat driver is the sexiest position because they find lots of fun while having sex. Most of the female partners are like it very much because according to their mind they can move up and down on easily.

The male partner does the rest and the female partner sits on the lap and both face on the same side. Female partners get to control the speed and find intense pleasure easily on the sofa.

In this sex position female partner user her hand for breast stimulation and clitoris stimulation. If you have some bullet vibrator or egg vibrator then you can also use these toy to stimulate clitoris and breast.

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Sofa Surprise

sofa surprise

Most of the couple prefer the sofa surprise sex position because they can easily satisfy with this sofa sex position.

Sofa surprise sex position is very similar to the lesbian Scissor.

In this sex position, the male partner is on his one knee and has got one of his female partner legs on his thigh, making easier stroking and moments.

Face to face sitting

face to face

This is one of the most popular and famous sex positions for sofa sex. This sex position provides a sense of stability.

Many people can enjoy their sofa sex with deep entry keeping close contact with the partner, sit face to face on the sofa.

In this sex position, your male partner sits on the sofa and opens his legs lightly, and you have to sit on your male partner and insert his penis slightly.

In the next step, you can place both hands on your partner’s shoulder or your partner’s neck to stabilize your body on the sofa. Male hold your bodies by rotating their hands on your hips.

Male partner can also use his hand to stimulate your breast and nipple.

Sofa sex can give you more pleasure as similar to bed

Of course, sofa sex is slightly different from bed sex so you can enjoy it and have a better experience. Most of the people can enjoy their sex and always want more pleasure and enjoyment, so sofa sex mostly useful for them.

Most people use a different type of sex position on the bed, as similar to sofa sex. Sofa sex can change your sex life with great interest because men and women both want beautiful moments in their sexual life.

Today every person wants pleasure and enjoyment with the use of different techniques to find complete pleasure when their partner and wants to enjoys their special moments in their own life.

Don’t forget precautions on the sofa

Sofa sex always gives you a lot of enjoyment and you always remember that special moment in your life.

But if you don’t use any precaution then it may harmful because physical intimation gives you different infections, such as HIV AIDS, STIs infection, allergy type infection, unwanted pregnancy, etc.

If you want to avoid this type of infection then use precautions which are the best way for a happy sexual life both of you.


A condom is the best method to avoid any type of infection or pregnancy. You can wear it when having sex and want more pleasure without any disturbance because your mind can’t divert anywhere and you can maintain your focus on your partner’s physical activity.

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Sex lubricant

Sex lubricant is also important very important. It does not matter where you are doing sex. Sex lubricant is always necessary for both partners. It helps to reduce the friction and provides the smooth insertion feeling.

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