8 Types of female orgasm which every woman must experience in their lifetime

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There are lots of talks about the female orgasm but did you know there are many different types of female orgasm?

Any orgasm is good. Most of the woman knows only three types of orgasm and i.e. clitoris orgasm, vagina orgasm and multiple orgasms. But along with these, there are many more types of female orgasm or girl’s orgasm.

So, here in this article, we will talk about the 8 different types of female orgasm. I hope this article helps you to know more about yourself.

What is the female orgasm?

Types of female orgasmThe female orgasm widely regarded as the peak of sexual excitement with a powerful feeling of physical pleasure and sensation. According to Wikipedia – Orgasm is the sudden discharge of accumulated sexual excitement during the sexual response cycle, resulting in rhythmic muscular contractions in the pelvic region characterized by sexual pleasure.

Sex is one of the basic pleasures of life. Most of the woman achieve orgasm during the sex but it is not easy at all.

Here, we will discuss some of the best orgasm and how to achieve these orgasms. I hope this article helps you and maybe after reading this article you may reach some of the best orgasms.

 Do you know about the different types of female orgasm?

In India, most of the woman knows only a few types of orgasm. But let me clear you that there are many types of female orgasm. I think most of the Indian woman only experience one or two types of orgasms. So we decide to make this article.

Here, you find the 8 different types of orgasm. So let’s start the discussion about the types of female orgasm.

Clitoris orgasm

clitoris orgasmClitoris orgasm or clit orgasm is one of the most popular and famous types of female orgasm. Almost every woman knows about the clit orgasm or clitoris orgasm.

It is one of the most sensitive parts of the woman body with most never rich areas.

Stimulating the clitoris for a few minutes can help you to experience the clitoris orgasm.

Achieving clitoris orgasm is the easiest way. You can easily achieve the clit orgasm alone or with your partner. Circling, tapping, tugging, and rolling is some of the great technique which helps you to reach the clitoris orgasm.

To stimulate the clitoris or to reach the clit orgasm you can also use different types of sex toys like clitoris vibrator, finger vibrator or glass dildo etc. whatever you have. While using sex toys, prefer good quality sex lubricant. If you don’t have a toy, you can also use your one finger or several fingers.

Vagina orgasm

Vagina orgasmOther types of female orgasm are vagina orgasm. Vagina orgasm is one of the best orgasms. Vagina orgasm can be achieved through intercourse and is the longest lasting one.

While stimulating the vagina another part such as the clitoris or any other sensitive part may automatically touches which help you to reach the vagina orgasm.

To reach the vagina orgasm, you can choose any types of dildo sex toy. Dildo sex toy helps you to reach the vagina orgasm. Just use your dildo sex toy with some good quality of personal lubricant and experience the feeling of the vagina orgasm.

But to reach the vagina orgasm, it is necessary for you to get relaxed, take a deep breath and in a comfortable sex position.

G spot orgasm

G spot orgasmAchieving the G spot orgasm is a little difficult for most of the woman because it is a little deeper. It is located 1-2 inches inside the vagina on the front wall.

Many women say that they never experience the G spot orgasm. Most of the woman says that it takes longer to reach the G spot orgasm.

You can achieve the G spot orgasm by using your finger or better yet to use a dildo which is specially made for the G spot dildo.

Yes! There is a G spot dildo which helps you to reach the G spot orgasm. Use your G spot dildo and try to stimulate the G spot with different strokes. While stimulating the G spot, you can also tickle the clit simultaneously at the tip or place pressure on or above the pubic bone.

While using these techniques to stimulate the G spot, if you lead to an explosion of wetness or ejaculation then don’t get surprised.

Blended orgasm

Blended orgasmA blended orgasm is the combination of two orgasms especially clitoris orgasm with some other kind of orgasm especially G spot orgasm. It is one of the most powerful and best orgasms.

The duration of these types of female orgasms varies for a different woman from a few seconds to even 15 minutes.

For blended orgasm, a woman should prefer the girls on top position or woman on top position so that the male partner can stimulate their clitoris while the woman can control the thrusting.

Achieving the blended orgasm become easy if the woman is extremely aroused. Including the foreplay in your session may help you to reach the blended orgasm.

For these types of orgasm, a woman can prefer any types of dildo sex toy such as vibrating dildo or any other dildo sex toy. Female can also use the suction cup dildo to reach the blended orgasm during their masturbation session.

Female ejaculation or squirting orgasm

Female ejaculationFemale ejaculation is also called the squirting or squirting orgasm. Squirting orgasm is one of the most difficult orgasms but it is one of the best orgasms.

Squirting is the state when a female ejaculates. Woman experience the Squirting orgasm during a G spot orgasm and release fluid.

Female ejaculation or squirting orgasm is a little difficult to experience but with the right sex position and the right way can help you to reach the squirting orgasm.

To reach this orgasm, it is necessary to have a high level of comfort between the partners. First, you should be in a relaxed state. You can also include foreplay in your sexual act.

For female ejaculation or squirting orgasm, the missionary sex position is the best sex positions. For some woman achieving the squirting orgasm is very easy but for others, they may not ever achieve it.

Cervical orgasm

Cervical orgasmA cervical orgasm is also called the queen of all the female orgasm. It is one of the best orgasms.

According to some researches, cervical orgasm is the most profound, meaningful and special orgasm for woman and every woman can have at least on the physical level.

The cervix is the entrance of the womb, which connects the vagina with the uterus. It is the centre of the feminine energies in a woman’s body. The cervix is related to the woman’s feminine, heart, creativity etc.

To achieve the cervix orgasm, a woman should prefer missionary positions. First, start the warm-up with some other sex positions and then slowly move to stimulate the cervix. To stimulate the cervix, you should do the deep penetration. Deep stimulation provides a very intense orgasm. Click below to know more about missionary position.

Multiple orgasms

Multiple orgasmMultiple orgasms are the type of female orgasm which occurs during the sexual activity just after the one orgasm or at a different time in one session.

Sex is not about having one big orgasm and you’re done. Many women say that they experience multiple orgasms in one session.

Achieving multiple orgasms is not so difficult. Using some techniques one can easily experience multiple orgasms.

According to the 2010 National survey of sexual health and behaviour, women are more likely to orgasm when they involve in multiple sexual acts such as oral sex or vagina intercourse etc.

For example – If you are involving in the sex with your partner then ask your partner to stimulate the clitoris first with his hands, mouth or a vibrator toy. Once you reach the clitoris stimulation than don’t stop here and continue to stimulate your clitoris area is a slower way for some minutes. It helps you to get the second level of arousal. This technique to achieve the multiple orgasms you can apply by yourself also.

Nipple orgasm

Nipple orgasmSo, you may probably hear about the vagina orgasm, clitoris orgasm or G spot orgasm. But what about the nipple orgasm? Yaa. It’s true. There is an orgasm called the nipple orgasm. Let’s discuss this orgasm.

This is one of the easiest ways to reach the orgasm but not every woman experience the breast or nipple orgasm.

This type of female orgasm occurs while stimulating the breast. The nipples are connected to the female genital nervous system so most of the woman feel a direct connection with their clitoris when they stimulate their nipple and breast.

While stimulating the nipple and breast, many women feel increased sexual excitement but not all of them. The woman who has sensitive skins or nipples can reach this type of orgasm.

To achieve the nipple orgasm, a woman should only touch or licking the nipples for a few minutes. If they want they can also use some vibrator toy.