Vagina licking – Best way to lick the inside and outside of vagina before sex

04/02/2021Dildo Technique

Vagina licking is the way of finding great pleasure and enjoyment, normally it is a part of oral sex because with the help of this licking your partners believe in you strongly.

The feeling of vagina licking is really, really, really very well. So we decide to make this article. Here we will discuss how to lick pussy which will give you a lot of pleasure and helps you to reach the orgasm and creates a beautiful environment.

So, try it tonight…

Lick vagina with proper manner for pleasure

vagina licking

The vagina is one of the most sensitive parts of a women’s body, so every activity on it gives great pleasure.

If someone tries to lick the vagina, first start slowly and carefully. Vagina licking gives you a lot of pleasure as you feel the best sensitivity on it and helps you to get ready for vagina sex with a partner.

If you have never experience the feeling of vagina licking than you should try it once. You can experience  a lot of pleasure in it because the feeling of licking is the way to increase sexual need.

Kissing up and down with tongue slowly at first

licking up and down

When someone tries to lick, first touch gently on the vagina with the help of the tongue for better performance.

Kissing up and down at first is the best way to start up. When you feel comfortable ask your partner to stimulate the vagina with the tongue. It makes you feel like the most pleasant woman in the world after that. And you will get lots of happiness.

Your partner can also try some sensual kissing up and down near the inner thighs. Its not necessary but if he do like that, it provides you the pleasant pleasure.

Find out the clitoris and stimulate it

Find out the clitoris and stimulate it

Focus on the clitoris because it has the most sensitivity as compared to vaginal walls. Never miss this opportunity because the female partner always wants it.

Most of the woman sometimes or always have clitoris stimulation but in a way of a little bit, if you find more pleasure then you should try on a long time with the clitoris.    

If a female partner doesn’t ready to take sexual activity with the partner, then the clitoris most suitable body part helps her to involve in the sexual activity.

At that time, male partner should rub the clitoris with their tongue and finger to make his partner ready for sex.

If the male partner are completely new then its important for him to know about clitoris. Click below to know more about clitoris.

Touch and lick the clitoris for a long time

Touch and lick the clitoris for a long time

Lick around the vagina at first and if you get hot pleasure then ask your partner to try with the tongue to give complete sanctification and also rub on the vagina walls.

Your partner should Lick it up, down, and put the pressure of his tongue on the clitoris when you lie on the bed. You can build up the pressure and speeds with the help of body response and your mood.

Always spend a long time on it because it gives you a lot of pleasure and try to follow the suitable techniques, never misses this sensitivity when you and your partner able to touch the clitoris for achieving complete enjoyment. 

In case, your partner is not there and you want to spend some time with vagina licking they try some sex toys. Yes! a sex toys is available which help you to provide the similar feeling like the vagina licking.

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Say him to do continuously


When you are taking deep pleasure than say your partner to provide continuous play activity, never leave your activities in between. 

Stimulation becomes more and more when a partner licks the vagina for a long time without any disturbance. This techniques helps you to reach the orgasm very fast.

Always feel more comfortable with the partner in your play, feeling of vagina licking is most stimulated for any female partner because touching to the genitals always provides incredible sensitivity.

Get other bits involve

get other bit involve

Vagina licking always provides the pleasure feeling. To make your activity more pleasurable you should add some other sexual activity with the vagina licking. For best result, you should try fingering with vagina licking.

For that, you can touch on the genitals with soft fingering. When you feel comfortable, ask your partner to start licking the vagina and vagina wall slowly and properly. Make sure that female partner does not get hurt while licking or biting the vagina. 

Due to this activity, your partner has gone to another world and they find a lot of physical satisfaction on and achieve complete enjoyment without penis penetration.

Use sex toy on it

use sex toys

While licking the vagina, you can try some sex toy also. Sex toys provides you lot of pleasure and complete enjoyment. Sex toy like dildo or vibrator gives you a lot of fun without using the penis.

Today for us different types of sex toys easily available in the online market such as vibrator, massager, etc. They are most beneficial because it provides the most sensitive and unique vibrator online

Different type of sex toy has different stimulation when using a sex toy while licking vagina. You can feel a lot of sensations in your play if you are a female partner.

Now, we discuss the most usable vibrator sex toy which always gives you a lot of fun. 

Clitoris vibrator

The Clitoris vibrator is mostly used by people because it has the best stimulation capacity for females. Most of the females used clitoris vibrator during oral sex with the partner.

You can try some clitoris vibrator when you lick the vagina at the bottom and rubbing on the clit with its strong vibrator which gives you a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction. You can get orgasms with the help of this clitoris vibrator because vibrations give you a lot of stimulation when you want pleasure and pleasure. 

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Vagina vibrator

The Vagina vibrator also knows as an internal sex toy because you take it for deep penetration in your play. Most of the female partner used it when they want great stimulation with the partner.

Vagina vibrator also helpful when you want to get internal stimulation when your partner was licking the clitoris. With the help of this, you are able to take more pleasure because you get internal or external stimulation at the same time or one by one in your oral sex.

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