Vaginal sex : Tips and tricks for vaginal intercourse for intense orgasm

04/02/2021Dildo Technique

Sex is an activity which is happen when you want it with the partner; most of people believe vaginal sex. As seen, vaginal sex always provides the best stimulation for both the partner.

Now a day, many types of sex toys like dildo or vibrator are available for vaginal sex. You and your partner can also prefer the sex toys for vaginal intercourse.

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We can say vaginal sex is a natural sex as compare to another sexual activity because it has self-stimulation capacity.

What is vaginal sex and how to perform vagina sex?

vaginal sex

Let first discuss about the definition of vaginal sex – Vaginal sex is the sexual activity in which penis goes inside the vagina. All most every couple enjoy the vaginal sex.

According to Wikipedia

Sexual intercourse is sexual activity typically involving the insertion and thrusting of the penis into the vagina for sexual pleasure, reproduction, or both.This is also known as vaginal intercourse or vaginal sex.

Vaginal sex means just sex when someone has sexual intercourse and also known as penetrative vaginal sex. Vaginal sexual activities more beneficial for everyone who wants to do it.

Vaginal sex is most famous in India as compare to anal sex or oral sex because vaginal sex provide a lot of sensational capacity when passing your time with the partner.

But a thing always considers for having vaginal sex, play gentle with intimate passionate as well as adventurous when you feel on the bed.

You can perform any way which you want because there is no specific way to perform vagina activity. You can perform vaginal sex without lubricant also because it is a self lubricant.

But if you ask to me then I will suggest you to prefer a good quality sex lubricant.

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Foreplay Help

You want better performance than doing foreplay with your partner. It can generate sexual aroused for both the partner. If your partner doesn’t want to involve in any sexual activity then you can involve foreplay to turn on your partner for any sexual activity.

Kissing, caressing, rubbing or touching can involve in foreplay. By the help of foreplay, you can erect, bigger or harder your partner penis.

Put female condom

Condoms are the most effective method to prevent pregnancy and any other problems. Condom always provides safe sex and also provides smooth penetration. If you are using any types of sex toys then also you can prefer condom.

There is two types of condom easily available in the market external and an internal condom. External condoms are used by a male partner whereas an internal condoms are used female partners.

If male partner forget to bring condom then you can use female condom in this condition, so you should keep female condom when you aroused and get intimate to each other.

Get the penis into the vagina

Ready to have vagina sex?  Never going fast, take it slowly for vagina sex and always gently work with the penis into the vagina.  Get it properly when your partner excited for doing sexual intercourse.

Don’t do that especially when you are used to each other’s body, make sure you can try complete enjoyment.

When penis inside the vagina you should try to move and push your penis into the vagina and repeat it again and again and feel the stimulation. Make sure both are comfortable otherwise you can’t able to take long sexual intercourse.

Achieve orgasm

We can say it is the end of the sexual activity, coming and climaxing provides sudden pleasure and satisfaction.  Clitoris most sensitive part of women’s body, before opening vagina you can achieve the clitoris stimulation also.

When you try with different positions for allowing to rubs the clitoris then you achieve clit orgasm. Some people thrusting their penis on the vagina to provide more sensation to achieve the orgasm.

For clitoris orgasm, you can also try sex toys like bullet vibrator or egg vibrator.

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Without climax, both men and women can enjoy their vaginal sexual activity. So you should try to get pleasure and enjoyment with the partner without any tension.

Try some sex position

sex positions

Different people have different sex position in their play because most of the people used different sex position when they involve in any sexual activity. If we are talking about vaginal sexual activity, so missionary sex position are most common because it provides continuous clitoris stimulation for any women.

In the missionary position, women lying down and men on the top or sitting on the top. It provides the best stimulation capacity and women can easily achieve their orgasms with this sex position.

Click below to know more about the missionary sex position.

Along with the missionary sex positions, you can also try the doggy style. Doggy style sex position is one of the most popular sex positions. Most of the couples love to involve in the doggy style sex positions.

Myths and Facts about Vaginal sex at first time

myths and facts

There are many myths available for vaginal sex for the first time, so always avoid those myths and feel comfortable with the partner at first time and so on.

–         Always bleed the first time when a woman is a virgin.

It is completely myths about vaginal sex when a woman is a virgin because some women don’t bleed for the first time, can make it break including strenuous exercise that’s why. But it is true, most of the women are bleeded after broken their virginity with the partner.

–         What about semen after a wash at first-time sex?

Semen never clean inside properly after wash, not remove all semen so the possibility of pregnancy will occur.

Risk of pregnancy, STIs and HIV

If you don’t use a condom when having vagina sex then you must face a different type of problems such as the risk of pregnancy, STIs and HIV. Without a condom, you may face a different type of infection diseases.

If someone has HIV then there is possibility that their partner also get infected if they have sex without condom.

STIs infection also shares without a condom because you and your partner intimate to each other and you may face STIs infection.

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Can I enjoy vagina sex at last?

Vaginal sex or any other sex is a personal thing so you should try this sex when you want it with great interest. Never try to take any myths, only find the best experience with more satisfaction and enjoyment.

Don’t do such things which is harmful to your genitals but always one thing is to keep in your mind that sex pleasurable for men and women but the right direction provides complete satisfaction without any problems.