Slow sex : How to have slow sex for deeper, fuller, stronger and intense orgasm?

04/02/2021Dildo Technique

Can you guess what is slow sex? Most of you think that slow sex meaning is doing sex slowly. But it is not true.

Slow sex is the sexual activity which starts with the kissing and caressing and ends with stimulating the clitoris and penetration. This sexual activity provides you more present and mindful of sensation with the goal of an overall more pleasurable experience.

If you want to know more about the slow sex then read this guide until the end.

What is slow sex?

What is slow sexSlow sex is not the sex that takes place slowly over time. This type of sex does not focus on the climax, ejaculation or orgasm.

Instead of focusing on the climax, the flow of slow sex can be varied, starting with a kiss and caressing all over the body. It also includes stimulating the clitoris.

Slow sex is all about the caressing all the body part. So, it is very important to know how to touch your skin and how to move your fingers.

You should prefer the soft touch method to caress your partner body. Soft hand method is the idea to move the palm of your hand around 3 to 5 cm in one second. By slowly touching the flank, buttocks, back of the feet, etc. women should feel the sensuality she has never felt before.

Is slow sex is better?

Is slow sex is betterIf you really want to spice up your relationship or want to try something new and different then slow sex is the right choice for you.

Most of you think that slow sex is boring but this is not true. Slow sex is more intimate and long-lasting than regular sex. Here are some reasons which make slow sex better and even best.

It is last longer – While having slow sex, you can enjoy the act more than the usual sex.

More intimate – If you really want to feel more intimate with your partner then slow sex is the best way for you. While having slow sex, you can feel more attached to your partner.

The best way for the girls or woman to finish – As we all know that woman takes much longer time as compare to man to finish or to reach the orgasm. During the slow sex, everything is slowing down and it will be last longer. It means that woman have much time to reach the orgasm.

Slow sex is more intense – If you want to make your sex more intense and memorable then prefer the sloe sex.

Expected things while having slow sex

Expected things while having slow sex

When you and your partner decide to have slow sex then it better for both of you to expect nothing.

While having the normal sex, your goal is to reach the orgasm but while having the slow sex you have to notice what is happening in your body at every moment.

The entire slow sex experience is fulfilling. Sometimes it is possible that you don’t like some sensations and also you may not reach the climax. But still, you have to try it once and see for yourself.

But at the end of the slow sex, you experience sexual satisfaction.

While having the slow sex, you can also prefer some sex toys like dildo, vibrator, massager etc.

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Don’t expect too much

Don't expect too muchIf you are expecting mind-blowing, world-shattering, multiple orgasms etc. while starting the slow sex then I am sorry to say that you might feel disappointed.

If you decided to spend time with the slow sex then you should also prepare mentally because the result might not be immediate. Sometimes they are but sometimes it takes too much time.

So, one you decide to have slow sex, don’t expect too much otherwise you will feel disappointed.

The technique of slow sex

sex positionsNow you know what is slow sex. Before you start slow sex, let’s know some technique on how to make slow sex. Most of you think that slow sex means just go slow right? But there are lots of things might do while having slow sex.

Select the right position

There are lots of sex positions for slow sex. Most of you love to involve in the doggy style position. But doggy style sex position is not the right for the slow sex.

Missionary sex positions are very popular sex position and best for you if you really want to be intimate during slow sex.

You can also prefer different variations of spooning, girls on top or even men on top etc. Each of these sex positions is best for slow sex.

Make sure that you have enough time

Now, you all know that slow sex last longer than the usual sex or your average session. So, if you decide to have slow sex then make sure that you have lots of time.

For example – If you have kids, get rid of them for the night.

Make some preparation

Before involving in the slow sex, you can do some preparation. Most of the couple play fast music usually during sexual activity. But let me clear you that fast-paced music usually translates to fast-paced sex.

When you hear the fast music then your body gets going in a faster rhythm and at that time it becomes difficult for you to slip into slow sex.

So, if you decide to spend time in slow sex then select the music which fits the slow sex moods.

Get rid of distractions

Keep away all the things which distract you like mobile phone or tv. While having the slow sex, put your mobile in a place where you don’t here them. Turn off your tv.

The only sound which you hear is your partner’s pleasure sound and your playlist.

Keep your foreplay slow

While having the slow sex, you should do everything slowly. Keep your foreplay slow, gentle and longer to match with the slow sex. While having the foreplay you can also use the bullet or egg vibrator to stimulate your partner breast, nipple and clitoris. Try to stimulate and caress the each part of the body.

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