Women on top – Try this sex position for most pleasurable and great experience

04/02/2021Dildo Technique

Sex always gives you a lot of fun and enjoyment but according to age today the angle of seen completely changed for us, if you are men or women it never matters for any sexual activity.

Sex position gives us best experience with the partner but if you want to add some extra pleasure then choose women on top sex position which will give you complete satisfaction without any avidness.

Woman on top sex position which gives you a lot of satisfaction

women on top

Most of the people can enjoy with the partner in their sexual life with the help of different sex positions.

All the sex position gives you more enjoyment when you apply it but according to time, you should change the sex positions for more satisfaction and enjoyment.

Some woman on top sex position which gives a lot of pleasure

It is an old saying, women want to find the best stimulation with their partner. Most women use different sex positions and achieve complete pleasure and orgasm.

According to the mood you can select better sex position when you want more and more pleasure with your male partner. Woman on top sex position is not only about women pleasure but also given best sensational sexual feeling for her male partner.

Woman on top sex position – Joystick Joyride

Joystick Joyride

Generally, most of the women find the best physical satisfaction with this woman on top sex position.

In this sex position, you and your partner like a grinder pose. In this sex position, your partner has to lie down on the plain surface and you have to sit on his thigh.

Top women partner can move according to their physical need, I mean slowly or hardly taken as compare with below partner.

At the same time, your partner can use his hand to stimulate your breast and nipple. You can also ask your partner to use some sex toys like egg or bullet vibrator to stimulate your clitoris.

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If you don’t have sex toys then in this situation your partner can use his hand or finger to do the fingering.

Woman on top sex position – Get down on him

It is the best sex position for women because they can get more and more pleasure according to their moves up and down.

Sitting on partner’s lap with crossed legs and pressed closely together. You can go with your speed, it may be a little hard but always enjoyable for any women who want to experience it.

Woman on top sex position – Sofa canoodles

Sofa canoodles

If you get bored with your regular sexual activity in your bedroom then its time to add some spicy in your daily boring sexual activity.

Now a day, everyone has a sofa in their house. right? So why don’t you try the sofa canoodles?

Sofa canoodles is a sex position which you can try on a sofa and is ideal for heating things up.

Sofa canoodles women on top sex position, give you a lot of pleasure with the partner because in this position you can feel more stimulated. It is one of the best sex positions for both the partner.

In this sex position, your partner will sit on the sofa and you have to sit onto him with your knees splayed so that your legs sit either side of his lap. You can place your hand on the floor to support yourself.

Your partner will enter his penis on your vagina and at that time you have to thrust back and forward while opening and closing your legs.

Your partner can also use hollow strap on dildo for extra pleasure.

Some woman on top sex position gives you enjoyment

There are many more sex positions which provide you and your partner best stimulation. Some of them are –

Woman on top sex position – The Octopus


This is a completely new sex position. Maybe you never hear about this sex position. So, it is completely new things for you and your partner to try.

To involve in this sex position, ask your male partner to sit down on the floor, lean backwards slightly using his hands placed behind his back to support himself. Male partner should also bend his leg slightly so that you can easily sit in between his leg. Try to squat onto his cock.

Once you are able to insert his penis inside your vagina, sit on his lap and slowly start to lean backwards. Place your hands behind your back on the ground for support.

This filled both of us with joy because we take without given high pressure as well as given full of control with their own body. We created a great rhythm during this sex position and sweated a lot with the partner.

This sex position gives the best stimulation because you and your partner try to play with a different style but it is best for any partner because both find full of enjoyment.

Woman on top sex position – Legs crossed lap

It is definitely best for those who prefer a slow penetration with the partner. Easy to rubbing right spots, but legs crossed it was tricky to build up any speed because you feel closely tight bonded.

Legs crossed lap always feel more erotic with the partner because face to face encounter must happen so that you should give the order to perform well in this activity.

Woman on top sex position – On the top

You can add rocking feeling with on the top sex position, lie down partially on the top which gives you the free moving capacity and we know that the sitting cross-legged is generally a bit uncomfortable but give it full of fun and enjoyment.

Which comfortable both of you

Now, we are discussing some of the sex position which gives both of you complete satisfaction with great pleasure and achievement.

This type of women sex position always better for those people who want complete enjoyment with the partner and never want to waste their time in their sexual life.

Woman on top sex position – Lap Limbo

Lap Limbo

Your legs over partner’s shoulders, gripping the back of the sofa with my hands and movement can happen there. Speed slowly at first but according to penetration movements you find best sensational stimulation.

Find great angles for you and the only down-side with the partner.

Personally suggest to you, use at once in your sex life with the partner and find beautiful intercourse.

Lap limbo always able to give you complete satisfaction with rubbing genitals and he is freely setting on the chair but you take all the responsibility to move up and down with greater speed.

Woman on top sex position – Row Their Boat sex position

It gives you real pleasure when a women partner doing a sexual activity on top of you. Most of people can enjoy this sex position when they decide to take complete enjoyment and pleasure.

This sex position provides a completely different sensation for both of the partners because they want exactly like this. According to modernization, you should take it once.

Most of the people who believe always take super extreme sexual activity with the partner then they are doing it. It is not only for a male partner but also good for a female partner to take stability in their sexual life.